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About FAB Experiences

FAB Experiences! Memorable and authentic experiences with nature, heritage and countryside communities.

About FAB Experiences

The world celebrates the Frontenac Arch Biosphere as both a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, guided by a Geotourism Charter from the National Geographic Society.

Pick your gateway city or town to the FAB region. Choose from tour routes that explore this 5,000 sq. km. region, fabulously rich in its nature, history, arts, local food and adventure. These themed routes “connect the dots” - the places and people that thread stories and adventures together.

The Thousand Islands? How about a thousand lakes, and 3,000 islands!

Hitting the high points? Enjoy stunning views from the Skydeck tower, to trails adventures where the view is, literally, far out!

Run of the mill? You bet! Several, actually—from quaint to National Historic Site.

FAB Experiences! See what the locals have known for centuries—history, nature, lore and allure now celebrated to the world as UNESCO sites. The roads less travelled leads to great food, great art, authentic Canada—and very nice people!

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